Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Rangers 1 Dundee 5

Thousands missed it because of the fog, including Willie Gilzean, Alan's father and Pat Liney, the Dundee goalkeeper, who deduced that it must have been his team-mates who were doing the scoring since, when the roars had gone up, the ball had not gone past him. Bob Seith's wife thought the scoreline was a mistake when she heard it read out on the radio that evening and Willie Waddell's sister groaned every time the ball hit the net.

Some games enter club folklore simply by mentioning the scoreline. Rangers 1 Dundee 5 was one such match. Gillie took just five touches to score four goals and thus etch his name into history ever more. No game defined his Dundee career more succinctly than this one - not even during the European Cup run - and it seared his name into the Scottish football consciousness. Yet it would take another year for him to win his first Scotland cap, not least because some of the players who had been on the receiving end on that foggy day at Ibrox were selected instead of him.

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