Monday, 26 July 2010

What Gillie meant to you

As noted previously, there have been quite a few expressions of interest about the book to the Back Page Press website. There are also a couple of contributions to the discussion thread on the book's Amazon website.

To save you the bother of clicking away from the site, I've included them here for your perusal. I'm nice that way.

From Back Page Press
"At last, this is long overdue. A true great who has never been given the recognition he deserves."

"As a lifelong supporter of Dundee F C (I am now 72) and someone who knew Gillie well during his time at Dens, I would please ask that you e-mail me with progress on the forthcoming book."

"Thanks so much for doing a book about Gilly. Whatever his self-perception, he ranks as one of Spurs' all-time greats, and it'd be great to see him at the Lane just one more time ..."

"I watched The King of WHL play almost every week of his Tottenham reign and he was sublime. The greatest game excitement wise I've ever seen, period, was the 4-3 win over Burnley in the FA Cup (when the FA Cup was the pinnacle of the game) in '66 when Gilzean was just amazing. We walked all the way home that night singing his praises - happy days!"

". . . And please amend the copy that says One of the best British strikers of his generation is a forgotten man. He might be keeping a low profile but for any of us fortunate enough to see him play - home or opposition fans - the complete opposite is true."

From Amazon
"Not forgotten, not lost - at least to Dundee fans. He was up at a function recently, with others of the league-winning side!"
A. M. Ide

"Thank you for writing this book about Alan Gilzean. As a Spurs fan during the years Gillie played for them I had often wondered what had happened to "the king of White Hart Lane". He was a "one off" and a true footbaling genius. I hope that he will be available to sign a copy for me when the book is published, like many, many more Spurs fans I`m sure. I would like to think that THFC would be willing to host any book launch south of the Border but I`m happy to travel to Dundee - there are several trains per day from Kings Cross."
Mr. C. Hazlehurst

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