Monday, 23 August 2010

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One of the perks of writing In Search Of Alan Gilzean was that I got to meet a number of Spurs legends; players whom I grew up idolising and who had been merely names on the pages of the books I read. That all changed on the day I started the book. Suddenly, I was being forced to brass-neck it with guys I had idolised. I learned a lot about myself during my initial phone calls with them. Those initial calls would eventually become sit-down meetings. To a man, I found them charming and fascinating. But the one former player that stood out most for me - probably because he was part of the first Spurs team I remember from childhood - was Steve Perryman. Steve roomed with Gillie for many years and his fondness for the man remained undiminished despite not having spoken to him for well over a decade. I hope his warmth for Alan shines through in the following download - the last before the book is released - which BackPage Press have recently made available here:

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