Tuesday, 3 August 2010

[69/70] Tottenham v Manchester City, Sep 13th 1969

Another defeat for Spurs but contained in this video are two exquisite examples of the G-Men in full flow. For children of a certain vintage the name Stretch Armstong will have a particular resonance and at one point in this game Gillie manages to contort his neck into the kind of shape Stretch (a pliable kids' toy) might have struggled with (1.18). Gilzean's reverse flick for Greaves' acrobatic volley (2.17) - which is subsequently disallowed - demonstrates why Spurs fans were so in love with the pairing.


  1. Magnificent. The second flick is genius. He actually does a kind of Ronaldinho 'look the other way' thing as he flicks it. Hail the King!

  2. I love Greavsie's face here. It's like he's thinking: 'yeah, I knew I was offside but I could do that with every chance I get if I really wanted to'.

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