Sunday, 25 November 2012

The return of the King

I'm still buzzing from the news that Gillie turned up at White Hart Lane today to watch the 3-1 win over West Ham. I will confess, though, that it's a bittersweet moment. I had so wanted to be there and while I had heard a number of rumours about his imminent return there had been nothing concrete. I had my own long-standing arrangement: a return to the amateur club were I played for many years for a 40th anniversary dinner. I met several people who had read all about Gillie and I spent quite a long time talking about him (I'd also had to pull together an itinerary ahead of today's game for Arild Stavrum, the former Aberdeen striker who is writing a book about fathers and sons and football) so there was a kind of prescience about his reappearance at the Lane today - even if I wasn't quite aware of what that nagging feeling was at the back of my head - I simply thought it was a case of one too many last night. Gillie's return marks the end of a series of aims that I had hoped would come to fruition when I set about trying to track him down. The first was securing his entry into the Scottish football hall of fame - that happened even before the book appeared; the second was Dundee giving him some long-overdue official recognition - that box appears to have been ticked too since the club is planning to name a lounge after him the coming months; the final hope was that he would go back to the Lane. I can't wait to see Match of the Day 2 tonight for a glimpse.

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  1. I'm back in Salt Lake City so had to vistit Edinburgh Inports in Main Street: I've been in before - but this is the first time since reading the book so had to look up Gillie's brother. He wasn't in but might be on Monday pm so may try again.

    Peter Y.