Thursday, 1 November 2012

An appeal

Fellow Spurs fans . . .

I have been asked to compile an itinerary for Arild Stavrum, the former Aberdeen and Norway striker, who is writing a book about fathers and sons in football.
Arild is attending the Tottenham-West Ham game on Sunday, November 25 and wants a few must-do suggestions for his time in north London. My own routine usually involves taking the train up from Liverpool Street to White Hart Lane, followed by a few beers and a sing-song in The Bricklayers. After the game, it’s either back to the Brickies or a Chick King and then the long-walk down the High Road to Seven Sisters. It’s fairly mundane stuff usually because it’s governed by the tight turnaround that comes with the territory of long-distance travelling to games so what I’m looking for are tips for specific Spurs-friendly greasy spoon cafes, pubs I might have missed, local sights and characters that must be seen/met. Given its history, the Bell and Hare is surely a must and I think a trip to Bruce Grove Museum to see the Spurs archives is worthwhile. Is the stadium tour worth a trip? It’s 25 years since I did it last. He’s also looking for some historical context to the fixture and what it means to Spurs fans and why it is of significance (perhaps more so for the other lot than us but maybe you disagree). Anyway, I’d be grateful if you could let me know your own experiences and I’ll pass on the best of them to Arild.
For the record, he is one of us. He’s also a thoroughly decent chap to boot. (Although I can’t vouch for what might happen should Brad Friedel chuck his shirt at him in the Park Lane end after our 5-0 defeat of the Hammers in three weeks’ time). But then you knew that already.


  1. A Chick-King eh? A man of style and class.

    Think the Brickies and Bell and Hare does it for pubs. There's the Hotspur cafe opposite the ground and of course the Colonel's burgervan at the Paxton. Perhaps that Sunday will be the day the throbbing bloodvessels in his temple will finally burst.

    I did the tour a few years ago. Nothing special but always worth the trip to the dressing room - much smaller than I imagined - and going pitchside.

    There's the old soldier who collects money for charity in the High Rd.

    Drop me a line if he wants some historical context. Always a pleasure.



  2. Thanks Alan, a gent as ever. As for Chick-King, it beats eating pizza on a bin outside The Bricklayers before Werder Bremen. It's marginal, though.