Monday, 19 November 2012

A bit of a Dhu 2

Just a quick reminder that I'll be doing a reading at the Glasgow Spurs Supporters' Club at the Rhoderick Dhu pub in Waterloo Street, Glasgow on Thursday night (November 22nd) after the Lazio-Spurs game. We'll watch a couple of short films - one about Gillie's time at Spurs including interviews from Dave Mackay and assorted former team-mates and the other - based around an interview I gave for STV's excellent Scotland's Greatest Team programme that aired in March 2010 - which includes footage of his time at Dundee, Tottenham and with Scotland. After that, I'll do a reading featuring special guests Alan Mullery, Phil Beal and Cliff Jones* and then we'll take questions from the floor. It doesn't matter if you're not a Spurs supporter - if you're a fan of Gillie, we'd be delighted to see/convert you.

*Actor's voices may be used to protect the innocent.

See you on Thursday . . . hopefully.

1 comment:

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